Wayward: Splinter

Splinter is a video art chain-letter. All artists participating have received an invitation by mail, and invited an other artist to participate.

The idea is to track (and lose track of) the circulation of video, as circulated by artists to artists, outside of any predictable distribution channel.

An artist adapts and responds to the video she or he receives by mail. Each video is then sent back to wayward and posted on the site. The artist sends a copy another artist to continue the process. As implied by the title, the work splinters off in many (wayward) directions…

The wayward.ca splinter project falls under a creative commons license, which basically legally grants invited artists the permission to use the video of other participants to remix and respond, and by doing are agreeing to the same license to whatever you create. All the works should be attributed to the artist and linked back to the source. Videos will remain online for a period of time at wayward.ca.

Expect some sort of compilation to come out in 2011.

Questions? info [at] wayward.ca