Review: Hung Over & Boob Cleaning

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Hung Over & Boob Cleaning by Dayna McLeod

Dayna McLeod is a writer, video and performance artist whose work is ripe with humour and socially charged situations. She has traveled extensively with her performance work, and her videos have played from London Ontario to London England – across Europe, North America, South America, and a few times on TV. She has received funding for video projects from the Canada Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

In the tradition of performance art documentation, Dayna McLeod uses video to reflect back on and comment the outcomes of her experiments and interactions with her audience from a performance that she takes no pains to explain. McLeod’s style, however, makes documentation an afterthought. And, so, rather than documenting her performance, she performs documentation. Hung Over & Boob Cleaning is one of many McLeod-inspired monologue-like rants, infusing hangover wisdom into a solid analysis about the importance and impact of art documentation.

McLeod wonders out loud if video is lazy; she answers this by creating a piece that requires no attention be paid to the project she is referencing. So, this is a performative video that expands the idea of documentation by creating another performance; this basically means that each and every act of documentation becomes — at least for McLeod — another performance to document.

McLeod is the queen of jump cuts and this editing style has become one of her signatures (along with her incredible talent for obsessively crafted remixes/re-tellings, which I will write about later.) McLeod is a performer and has no qualms about addressing the viewer directly – the camera is just another means to invite the audience back in, and to assess the happenings of the previous night together.

If you are dying to know what “boobs” she is talking about, go here:

I also interviewed Dayna in 2007 about how she performs her politics. That conversation is available on

PS: Peanut butter is used to get gum out of hair, not for removing stains.

Mél Hogan, April 1, 2011