Review: Chosen by Jackie Gallant

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Chosen by Jackie Gallant

If I was a curator, I would programme Chosen into every possible screening.

Chosen remixes, re-voices and reconstructs the starstruck gaze.

Probably a few of you, like me, think of exquisite octopad drumming when you think of Jackie Gallant. Who would even know about the octopad if it wasn’t for Gallant? Not me. Three years ago I interviewed Gallant in ArtThreatwhere she revealed a few secrets about her rock and punk roots, and admitted to the pleasures of performance–“the tightrope you walk on when in front of an audience.”

Owen Chapman (DJ O+) also included Gallant’s insights about sampling inhis dissertation, and highlighted Gallant’s gift for improvisation and manipulation.

What does this have to do with video art? With Chosen? My guess is that it has everything to do with it.

Gallant knows pacing, rhythm, and timing. And Gallants knows sampling: she knows how to extract the good bits, and how to mix them up, manipulate them, how to make them fit together to reveal something else, something greater.

Gallant’s craft at weaving media, sound with image, reveals the fast-paced, absurd, funny, and most often tragic feeling of celebrity hype. Lindsay Lohan is chosen by Gallant to reveal, if not testify, her own half-truths, often slippery clichés and cringe-worthy teenage delusions. And yet there is nothing here of judgement — the artist’s appearances in this dizzying underwater of expectations suggests that Gallant relates to rather than rejects the awkward trajectory in and out of the spotlight.

See more of Gallant’s videos on 52 Pick Up Videos: 2009 and 2010.

Mél Hogan, May 18, 2011.