Fembot Unconference


Business Meeting Topics General Fembot Topics
  • Open discussion on vision (forever) and mission (1-3 years) for Fembot
  • A start/stop/keep exercise where we look at all the work we have to do and decide what initiatives we want to start, to stop (this can be hard, but tremendously important) and to keep doing
  • Sustainability and institutional home for Fembot
  • Ada issues and how to handle /workflow
  • Grant writing
  • New members / membership expectations
  • Free software, free culture, and their intersections with anti ableism, racism, (cis/hetero)sexism, classism, etc would be really interesting (Kyra)
  • What are our (feminist) values that we work by?
  • Review of Ada issue 2 (interactive/commenting session at adareview.fembotcollective.org)
  • International issues/dimensions of project
  • Relationship with FemTechNet – the “science” in Fembot
  • How to collaborate better and expand network
  • Bibliometrics (Karen E)
  • Feminist works (interactive/post to fembotcollective.org session)
  • design and architecture for fembot umbrella brand and all the related publications / web properties
  • Professional potpourri
  • BAD