Public Evernote Feed Embed in WP

Evernote is a good way to clip media from the web, so it’s also an efficient tool for aggregating your online research findings.

There are a few easy ways to then embed your (public) notebook(s) into your research blog/website. So far the best solutions I’ve found for WordPress are:

1 iframe snippet;
2 the RSS feed in the sidebar;
3 HungryFEED.

NB: I haven’t done anything here pertaining to CSS or design for how the content displays – all are set to defaults for the purposes of this post. But you can adjust everything below in terms of how it looks…

** it doesn’t matter what you name this Notebook, but probably putting “Public” in the title is helpful to keep stuff organised.

Copy the link generated – you’ll need it for embedding.



1. For a quick and dirty iframe embed: (you can use iframe to embed just about anything):

Write this code, but instead of “” –> insert the link you just copied (something like:

Which gives you: (click on green button)

** the drawback to this; it seems that login is required…


2. More simply, use the RSS Widget (in WP), feed it through the sidebar:


3. Third option: the plugin HungryFEED displays your Evernote clippings like this:

[hungryfeed url=”” link_target=”_blank” max_items=”5″]




HungryFEED may require a few steps (from FAQ) to work properly: