Digital Detritus Interviews: Timothy Holman of The Useless Web

As part of a series dealing with digital detritus, I completed my second interview this week with Timothy Holman, creator of The Useless Web. Here’s a sample from Holman (more to come):

My guidelines and standards have changed a bit over time… but:

1. Family friendly (no swear words/nudity etc)

2. Website has to have its own domain: eg:… no subdomains (eg: and no nested directories: (

3. No advertising. ( has some, but its VERY little, and barely noticeable. And its an amazing site, so its allowed)

4. Website has to stay up under traffic, if it goes down, it will likely be removed for good.

5. No/very few external links. A link to twitter acct is ok, but they need to be very small/unnoticeable… otherwise the website has a use.

6. The website has to actually be good… or unique. I’ve already got a few that just say “NO” or “YES”, so those are out…  And some are just terrible: (