Design: New Music Economy?

Calling The Voice-O-Graph is a project that started in June 2007. The official launch date was October 28th, 2009, at the Casa Del Popolo, 4873 boul. St. Laurent, Montreal, QC.

The project philosophie is defined as “Free music in exchange for feedback.” It is an alternative economy inspired by the way music circulates online and on mobile devices, is sampled, and remixed. The site invites you to listen to three tracks for free. After which you can access fifteen more by registering and leaving comments. That easy.

Project Description, by Opositive:

“Calling the Voice-O-Graph” is my latest full-length album under my artistic moniker “Opositive”. The album is available here for free download as a series of high-quality mp3s.

The site was built in Drupal.

The design was inspired by both the concept of sampling and the voice-o-graph technology. The logo was lifted off from here and the vinyl from here. The overall background design was inspired by “King of Pop #4 Requiem” by Jackie Gallant which can be seen on 52 Pick Up Video.

In the news: