Screensavers Contemporary Digital Art Gallery: Desktop Collection

Dear Mél Hogan,

My name is Sakrowski [], I’ve been invited to compile the next exhibition for the Screen Saver Gallery project – contemporary digital art gallery in screensavers run by Czech artists Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek (

Therefore I would like to ask your permission to use your collection ( ) of desktop pictures for the exhibition in the Screen Saver Gallery.

My curatorial intention is to show at the screensaver exhibition different desktop collections (SHOW ME YOUR DESKTOP / COLLECTION) – they shall be presented in chronological order and will be provided with metadata (e.g. collection time, author/curator, url etc.). In addition, there will be open possibility for everyone to contribute their desktop and add it to the screensaver show, to explicitly illustrate this fascinating intimate sort of digital image culture…

With kind regards

The list of selected collections I would like to participate is as follows:

The First International Online Desktop Exhibition October 20 1997 – April 20 1998 (closed)
by jeroen bosch 1998 (closed)

desktop_stills Matthias Fritsch 2003 – 2005 (closed)

Constant Dullaarts desktop screensaver exhibition:
Anthropological screensavers of collected desktop images;
let your computer change its appearance
2008 mac or windows & −2012 mac or windows (closed)
since 2009 – today
2011 – today
by adam crushes 2012 (closed)

Show me your desktop

started Feb 2012 (closed) by Bertrand Boissimon
started 2012 – today

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