Keynotes & Plenaries

2020 – “Big Data Ecologies” “End to End” symposium, transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, Plenary panel, Jan 31. 

2020 – “Genomic Media” McLuhan Lecture, Embassy of Canada in Germany, transmediale festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, Jan 29. 

2019 – “Genomics: Staking Identity since 2003” The Ends of Social Media Symposium, University of Toronto, Canada. Plenary panel, Nov 15.

2019 – “Genomic Media at the End of the World”, CGC Conference Keynote, Carleton University, March 21-22.

2017 – Living Together in the Data Center Industrial Complex” – TBLR/ESSCS PhD-researcher training summer course (“Living Together“) in Bergen (Norway), August 14-18, 2017.

Invited Talks & Panels

2019 – “The politics of Climate Talk at U of C” Igniting Climate Action in Calgary, University of Calgary. November 27.

2019 – “Sweaty Zuckerberg and Cool Computing” McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology (UofT) Monday Night Seminar: “Hot Line, Cold Call”.  Toronto, November 18.

2019 – “Genomic Media/Sustainable DNA” Sustainability Lectures, University of Alberta, Sept 13.

2019 – “The Medium Question of Genomics” CMST Speaker Series, McMaster University. Feb 25.

2019 – “Sweaty Zuckerberg and Cool Computing” Esker Gallery. Feb 7.

2018 – Public Talk “Genetic Gold in the Cloud” Tulane University, New Orleans, Dec 7. Sponsored by the Altman Program for International Studies.

2018 – “After Ice: New Horizons for Cryographic Knowledges” University of Alberta, Edmonton, May 4-5.

2017 – Data Centers: Investigating Socio-Technological Assemblages of the Cloud. Stockholm University, Nov 30-Dec 1.

2017 – “Data: Centers to Surplus to Complex ” UCLA, Feb 23. In conversation with Sarah T. Roberts and Safiya Noble (part of Fourchettes research grant).

2017 – “From Data Saturation to Surplus” Saturation UCSB, Feb 17. (Organized by Melody Jue and Rafico Ruiz).

2016 – “Infrastructural Activism” Disconnection workshop: a series funded by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT). Södertörn University, Stockholm December 12. (Organised by Anne Kaun).

2016 – “The New Farmers: Big Tech’s Greening of its Server Farms” at Circulation: Pressure, Publics, Platforms, Wolf Conference (U Penn) April 15-16. (Organised by Rahul Mukherjee).

2015 – “Romanticism in the discourses of the NSA: Toward an ethical framework for the publicity of mass surveillance” 5th Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics, Loyola University – Chicago, November 6. (With Tamara Shepherd).

2011 – Video Vortex #6 Conference, Institute of Network Cultures (INC) – Amsterdam. March 11-12. (Organised by Geert Lovink and Rachel Miles).

Invited Workshops

2019 – Solarity, After Oil School 2, Canadian Centre for Architecture -Montréal QC, Canada, May 23-25, 2019

2019 – “Quand refroidir les machines donne chaud à Zuckerberg” – LabCMO Montréal QC, Canada, 22 mai.

2019 – “Digital democracies and the environment” workshop with Imre Szeman, part of Digital Democracies, a conference organized by Wendy Chun, Svitlana Matviyenko and Zoë Druick, Simon Fraser University, May 15.

2018 – Data & Society’s Environmental Impact of Data-Driven Technologies Workshop (Data & Society, NYC, Nov 2, 2018)

2017 – Workshop Title: Energizing Media. Sponsored by the “Media and the Environment” Scholarly Interest Group (SIG) at SCMS. (Workshop Chair: Shane Brennan, Hunter Vaughan / Participants: Mél Hogan, Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker)

Conference Presentations (selected)

2019 – Canadian Communication Association “Queer Stories” (with Lisa Henderson, Chantal Nadeau, and @TheSquink) UBC, June 3 – 6.  

2019 – SCMS: “Bridging the ‘Who’ and the ‘Where’ of Big Data” (Chair: Anne Pasek + Patrick Brodie, and Alix Johnson). Seattle, March 13-17, 2019. 

2018 – SCMS: “Everywhere Infrastructure: The Systems, Structures and Ideologies of Big Tech” (with Andrea Zeffiro, Rena Bivens, Sarah Roberts and Sophie Toupin) Toronto, March 14-18, 2018.

2017 – NCA, 103rd Annual Convention: “Visibilizing Surveillance and Control Infrastructures” (with Torin Monahan, Ingrid Burrington, Lisa Parks and Tamara Shepherd) Sponsor: Critical and Cultural Studies Division. Dallas TX, Nov 16-19, 2017.

2017 – Data Power “Data Center Industrial Complex” (part of Data Driven Futures panel with Sarah Roberts and Jeff Diamanti): Carleton University, Ottawa. June 22-23, 2017.

2017 – CCA, Ryerson “Data Center Surplus” (part of Earth as Media Regime panel with Chris Russill, Jeremy Packer, Kate Maddalena) May 30-June 2, 2017.