Plenary “Genomics: Staking Identity since 2003” @ the University of Toronto



Friday, November 15, 2019
Jackman Humanities Building JHB100
170 St. George Street, Ground Floor 
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5R 2M8

A. Making ends meet – public keynote session 1:00PM to 2:40PM

  • Rena BivensSocial Media: Stalking identity since 1997
  • Mél HoganGenomics: Staking identity since 2003

B. Private ends – closed workshop 3:10PM to 4:40PM

  • Leslie Regan ShadeGetting to eQuality:What young people told us about privacy and equality in social media
  • Arun Jacob: Zuckerberg’s Perestroika. Facebook in the First Phase of Technologization of Trust
  • Aaron TuckerDiversity in Faces: IBM, Flickr, and the facial data as tactic of governmentality
  • Gemma Richardson: The ‘Pivot to Privacy”: How surveillance capitalism will survive and thrive 

C. Odds and ends – closed workshop 4:55PM to 6:25PM

  • Shirley RoburnSinging Plants and Speaking Trees: More-than-human social media
  • Brendan Smith: The Burnout Society on YouTube: Normalizing affective precarity in the digital environment
  • Tamara ShepherdBreaking up Is Impossible to Do: The perils of antitrust for platform capitalism 
  • Tanner MirrleesDigital Free Trade, Platform surveillance, network propaganda, and cyber-warfare

D. Loose ends – Closing Remarks 6:25PM to 6:30PM