Archinodes: Launched September 1, 2011

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Archinodes is a strategic media making agency. We create design strategies and implement creative technologies that cohere with and adapt to our constantly changing technological landscape. We help our clients connect with their audience through effective design, adaptive use of social media, and the development of intuitive content management systems. The breadth of experience of the Archinodes team provides our clients with the tools and training to launch a personal portfolio, power a campaign, or amplify a organisation’s communication strategies. documents our creative process through a series of nodes, each highlighting the links between ideas, methods, and outputs. As demonstrated by the diversity of our portfolio, we value the trajectory of an idea as much as we do its final instantiations. Les Archinodes are Mél Hogan (Creative Strategist), Paul Juricic (UX Experience/Social Media Strategist) and Jeff Traynor (Technology Strategist). We are a team of media makers and theorists.