Connected and Complicit – Digital Technology and Sustainability


Table of Contents

Photo Essay 1: Selfie Time-Eli Blevis

IntroductionDigital Technology and Sustainability: Engaging the paradox-Mike Hazas and Lisa P. Nathan

Photo Essay 2: Artifice and Nature-Eli Blevis

Part 1: Assessing the Field

Chapter 1: Three Principles of Sustainable Interaction Design, Revisited-David Roedl, William Odom and Eli Blevis

Chapter 2: Towards a Social Practice Theory Perspective on Sustainable HCI Research and Design-Adrian K. Clear and Rob Comber

Chapter 3: A Conversation Between Two Sustainable HCI Researchers: The role of HCI in a Positive Socio-Ecological Transformation-Samuel Mann and Oliver Bates

Response 1a: Sustainable HCI: From Individual to System-Chris Preist

Response 1b: Sustainability within HCI within Society: Improvisations, Interconnections and Imaginations-Janine Morley

Photo Essay 3: Rooftop Garden-Eli Blevis

Part 2: Addressing Limits

Chapter 4: Every Little Bit Makes Little Difference: The Paradox within SHCI-Somya Joshi and Tessy Cerratto Pargman

Chapter 5: Developing a political economy perspective for sustainable HCI-Bonnie Nardi and Hamid Ekbia

Chapter 6: Software Engineering for Sustainability: Tools for Sustainability Analysis-Birgit Penzenstadler and Colin C. Venters

Response 2: Challenging the Scope?-Enrico Constanza

Photo Essay 4: Classroom Exercise-Eli Blevis

PART 3: Ways To Engage With Others

Chapter 7: Communicating SHCI Research to Practitioners and Stakeholders-Christian Remy and Elaine M. Huang

Chapter 8: Negotiating and Engaging with Environmental Public Policy at Different Scales-Vanessa Thomas

Chapter 9: On the Inherent Contradictions of Teaching Sustainability at a Technical University-Elina Eriksson and Daniel Pargman

Chapter 10: Participation in Design for Sustainability-Janet Davis and Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen

Response 3a: Connected and Complicit-Mél Hogan

Response 3b: From Participatory Design to Participatory Governance through Sustainable HCI Rónán Kennedy

Photo Essay 5: Airstream-Eli Blevis

Part 4: Inspiring Futures

Chapter 11: A Sustainable Place: Everyday Designers as Place Makers-Audrey Desjardins, Xiaolan Wang, and Ron Wakkary

Chapter 12: Interaction Design for Sustainability Futures: Towards Worldmaking Interactions-Roy Bendor

Chapter 13: Think Local Act Local: The Case of Burning Man-a.m. tsaasan and Bonnie Nardi

Response 4: Sustainability Futures and the Future of Sustainable HCI-Yolande Strengers

Photo Essay 6: Locked Gate-Eli Blevis

Epilogue:-Mike Hazas and Lisa P. Nathan