Publication: Teaching Students How (NOT) to Lie, Manipulate, and Mislead with Information Visualizations

2017 “Teaching Students How (NOT) to Lie, Manipulate, and Mislead with Information Visualizations” In: Big Data Factories – Collaborative Approaches Editor(s) name(s): Dr. Matei, Dr. Jullien and Dr. Goggins  

Student work: Data Viz about Environmental Issues

I’m so impressed with students’ first assignments in Information Structure and Retrieval class. These are the infographics they made, having just learned a bit of Illustrator and the basics of graph and chart theory…      

Lewis College Brownbag Talk of the Spring 2015: Data Centers

Lewis College Brownbag Talk of the Spring 2015 Semester will be today at 12:45 p.m. in the Lottie Dunn Conference Room on the 14th Floor of the Tower. The speaker will be Humanities Assistant Professor Mél Hogan.  

Workshop on the Future of Work at the Institute of Design

Workshop on the Future of Work at the Institute of Design: a half-day workshop on the future of work for labor advocacy groups and technology activists in the Chicago area. Friday, September 19th from 12pm to 5pm at the IIT Institute of Design The purpose of the workshop is to explore historical, current and future narratives about the...

Archinodes: AudioMobile in iTunes Store

I just saw this in the iTunes store… an app that we (Archinodes) had designed for a client a few years ago. Adapted, and finally in use. Congrats, Owen and team!  

Digital Humanities Data Curation – Boston

Schedule Workshops provide a strong introductory grounding in data curation concepts and practices, focusing on the special issues and challenges of data curation in the digital humanities. Workshop #3 — Boston, MA All workshop sessions will be held in Snell Library, Room 421. Day One Wednesday, April 30, 2014 9:30 am – 9:45 Welcome 9:45...


Pre ICA – Making Sense of Memory & History Prelim. Prog.

making sense of memory and history schedule

&NOW 7 Festival: Off the Road

&NOW 7: Off the Road in Boulder, CO, September 26-28th —- This panel features digital writers and critics from the US and Canada who wish to discuss writing in relation to the field of media archaeology via pieces of hardware and/or software housed in the Media Archaeology Lab (MAL) located at CU Boulder. Ideally, the...

Imagining the Collector’s Archive: Archinodes

Co-authoring a piece with fellow nodes, Paul Juricic and Jeff Traynor for a special issue of Convergence Journal. See for more details, and check out our work in progress documentation. Pitch: Our contribution is to imagine the collector’s archive as shaped by the theories and technologies that inform the trajectory of the archive, from...

Internet Research 14.0: Resistance and Appropriation

Internet Research 14.0: Resistance and Appropriation Denver, Colorado  ·  October 24 -27, 2013 Conference Agenda Overview and details of the sessions of this conference. Please select a date or room to show only sessions at that day or location. Please select a single session for detailed view (with abstracts and downloads if available). Session Overview...

Design Crush: Profiling Jacqueline Wallace

Design Crush: Profiling Jacqueline Wallace – Mél Hogan   In this piece I wanted to highlight the work of my good friend and collaborator, Jacqueline Wallace. Some people are incredible – yet incredibly understated – and so this became an opportunity for me to profile Jacquie’s work, which makes important connections between design, academia, and...