Data-Driven Futures @ Data Power 2017

CCA 2017 – Earth as Media Regime panel with Chris Russill and Jeremy Packer

2017 “Data Center Surplus” (part of Earth as Media Regime panel with Chris Russill, Jeremy Packer, Kate Maddalena) CCA Ryerson. May 30-June 2, 2017. I’ve changed by title to:  

ICA 2017: Data Centers and the Centralization of Data Production: Connected Communications Infrastructures Across Disparate Geographies

ICA 2017 San Diego: Making & Doing Exhibition


SCMS 2017: Energizing Media


UCLA talk on the “Data Center Industrial Complex”: A Provocation

Saturation Workshop UCSB Feb 17 2017

Roundtable: Politics of Process

Invitation Workshop: Disconnection in the Digital Age (Södertörn University)

Disconnection workshop: a series funded by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT). SÖDERTÖRN UNIVERSITY | STOCKHOLM December 12, 2016.  

2017 Connections Speaker Series: Knowledge Dissemination

2017 Connections Speaker Series, University of Calgary (January 27, 2017) Connections is a monthly speaker series hosted by the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary, which aims to identify, foster, and explore points of overlap and convergence in faculty and graduate research. Connections also takes advantage of opportunities to bring...

SCMS 2017: Chicago – Energizing Media

Workshop Title: Energizing Media Chair: Shane Brennan, Hunter Vaughan Participants: Mél Hogan Graham Pickren Nicole Starosielski Janet Walker  

ICA Call for Making and Doing Program, San Diego, 2017

ICA Call for Making and Doing Program, San Diego, 2017 Link: What’s in a form? This year, the ICA extends basic questions about communication research and practice to an opportunity to combine forms of inquiry, expression, and exhibition.  We have long diversified forms and formats for talk—from classical panels to high-density roundtable sessions or Blue...